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Prices August 20, 2009

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If anybody is interested in a custom made pair of baby shoes(or anything else!) send me a message and we can get in contact. Generally the shoes are size 0-3 months(a little more if you have a small baby), but I recommend they are purchased for newborns so that they can grow into them when they are ready. There are many other options apart from the ones you see here and I can do baby and toddler sizes. Toddler sizes have a layer of fleece in the sole to give a bit of padding. I will add more pictures as I make…some are one offs but others are repeatable, just ask!!

 sizes and prices:

smaller sizes are                                                                          24 euros/22 GBpounds

toddler sizes(ie walking babies) are from                         26-30 euros/24-27.50 GB

pegs are                                                                                                    3 euros a packet /2.50GB

phone/camera slips are                                                                  14 euros/ 12.50GB

towelling appliqued bibs are                                                         16 euros/ 14.50GB

Magic Wands                                                                                        12 euros/ 10GB

When ordering you will need to measure your childs foot from big toe to heel in cm.

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