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All About Me August 19, 2009

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Amy and I live in Barcelona, Spain although I was born and grew up in England.

I’ve spent most of my working life so far aimlessly wondering from job to job trying to decide what to do with myself after having graduated with one of the most useless degrees(Classics) which doesn’t even exist in Spain so isn’t much help!

Both my parents are artisic so I have always leaned in that direction apart from when I went through a rebellious(pff!) moment in my teens when I refused to do GCSE Art and then had to weedle my way in for A´level!

So finally I have landed up making “things”, which I really rather enjoy. I’ve only just started so the world is my oyster I suppose!


3 Responses to “All About Me”

  1. Oscar Says:

    Dear friends,

    We have got a Baby’s precious shop, in Vic City’s zone. It is Catalunya’s center and has a great economic potential. Nowadays there does not exist any shop like that we are going to offer.

    We’re working with the baby’s best brands and overcoat with the designs most exclusive for a very exclusive shop.

    We’re lovely your shoes for your design, quality, colors and innovation in the baby’s world. Us much would like to know since how do we buy your articles.

    Have they some wholesaler in Spain? Or a legal representative of brand in Spain or Barcelona?. We would like to obtain the catalogues and the prices of sale to the major one to be able to offer your brand our clients.

    If you don’t have representant There isn’t problem if we had to buy your brand for Internet.

    I request them be contacted, as soon as possible with : Oscar Vázquez.

    Telf. +34. 93.516.02.02
    +34. 671.070.223
    +34. 659.277.610

  2. Lucía Says:

    Hello, Amy:
    My name is Lucía, Im going to have a baby in february and I live in Madrid. I like very much your shoes, how can I know how much do they cost and how to buy them? Are you selling them anywhere in Madrid? Thank you.

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