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Bloesem January 28, 2010

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Check out this blog. I found it recently and think it’s great. The owner also has a big people’s version too! I am fascinated by other peoples houses and all handmade so naturally I was drawn to this! Apart from interior design there are also some great craft ideas for children, receipes etc.

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With all my heart

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Well, I was just trying to take a picture of these heart keyrings before I take them in to Keboniko for Valentine’s Day and who should appear…Madam Nushi and The Sea Witch. Yes, I know the poor doll doesn’t look anything like a sea witch but that’s 3 year olds for you.

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Winnie’s magic wand January 18, 2010

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I think he is going to get himself some honey with my munchkin’s new magic wand I whipped up for her on Sunday….

Ok, ok just use you’re imagination alright!

Anyway, if your Winnie(or little girl) would like one too just let me know!

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lurve, lurve, lurve

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In anticipation of Valentine’s Day I made these little hearts to go in my daughter’s bedroom. I think they are kinda cute. I decided to hang them on an empty frame I got the other day where we shall be adding some more pics of her little friends as soon as we get around to printing them!

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New Year new things January 17, 2010

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Well, what with New Year motivation I’m planning on doing looooots of new stuff. Primarily in my house like finally finishing all the half painted rooms we have! Also I shall be making some new bits and bobs to sell including

magic wands made from pretty material and felt, decorated alice bands(due to various people asking for them), finger puppet sets, and last but not least some heart garlands.

Let´s see how far I get with that little lot! My daughter has the prototype magic wand and she seemed to like it what with her obsession with Tinkerbell at the moment.

I shall keep you posted!

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If you wish to get in contact with me to make an order you can send me a message to this address.


For Sarah January 11, 2010

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Here are your shoes finally, sorry about the delay. Hope you like them!!

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