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New Order September 26, 2009

Filed under: baby shoes — maitas @ 8:07 pm

I just managed to finish this shop order off before some friends descended upon us for a week with their 2 cute little boys, and my poor little 3 year old started at big girls school (they start em young in Spain). So here is what I did for this lovely shop in Gracia and then I dealt with the tears and the new found canabalistic tendency my daughter seems to discovered in herself…!




I also did the popular pink leopard and red relief designs too that have already featured on the blog.

The bibs are reversable as they have the same material on the back as they do on the applique.




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2 Responses to “New Order”

  1. Mònica (KIRSTAD) Says:

    Me encantan todos los zapatos, tienes muy buen gusto!
    Te pediré algunos para Martina.


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