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What they are made of… August 20, 2009

Filed under: baby shoes — maitas @ 9:04 pm

Most of my shoes are made from at least 70% wool felt. Some colours are 100% wool felt and the patterned and relief felts are acrylic. All cotton is, well..cotton! Not polyester I mean! I use metal poppers as clasps.

I will be doing some upcycled felted wool shoes at some point soon with some jumpers I have and a lovely HOBBS skirt which I adore the pattern and colours of but I think makes me look frumpy so best turned into something that will be used!

I luuuurve buttons so am a bit obssessed about putting them on everything although having a small child myself I am aware of how carefully I have to sew on all embellishments. I am trying to learn to draw so I can add pretty designs but we’ll see!

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