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something purty August 20, 2009

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A friend of mine asked for something to put their MP3 player in a few weeks ago and so I came up with this. The flowery bit on the front is a detachable brooch.

mp3 case

mp3 case

My friend liked it so much it became her new best friend and she even took a pic of it sitting on a lilo(we were at an outdoor pool). Of course here we just see it lounging on a towel.

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One Response to “something purty”

  1. van Says:

    Me encanta!
    Como propietaria de esta preciosidad, debo apuntar que el broche pasa más tiempo en mis blusas y camisetas que en su lugar original, aunque puesto en la funda es el mejor lugar para no olvidarlo si viajo(y para no meterlo por error en la lavadora).

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